Thanks to Pareto’s Way, I was able to quickly get up to speed in order to communicate with my Spanish speaking patients in South Florida.

Dr. John Weston

With Pareto’s Way Spanish Preferred course, I learned how to speak in 30 days; just in time for our honeymoon to South America.

Chris Carson

With Pareto’s Way, I was able to quickly learn Spanish on my daily commute to work.

Ian Rosa

5 Ways to Hack “Decision Fatigue”

We are taught from an early age that practice makes perfect. Doing more of something, then, necessarily makes you better at it. But when it comes to decision making, the opposite is often true, particularly when too many decisions are crammed into one day. Think about it this way: we wake each morning with an ‘energy reserve’ for decision making. …

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What Small Lifestyle Changes Have a Big Impact?

I saw this question on Quora and decided to provide a response encompassing some tips I use. I will elaborate on some of these in future posts. Bottom line – automate what you can in life. You have a finite amount of energy every day; don’t waste it on making frivolous decisions. For example: Make Your Bed Every Morning: “If …

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6 Hour Workday Coming Soon?

The purpose of this site is to maximize the quality of your life. So I’m always interested in studies aiming to increase productivity while reducing waste. This week, I came across a few articles on Gothenburg, Sweden and an efficiency experiment they’re launching. They will be decreasing the workday from the customary eight (8) hours to six (6) hours for …

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A Self-Discovery Exercise

Recently at work, I was asked to fill out the following questionnaire for camaraderie building purposes. I found the questions, while light, a fun exercise for self-discovery. So give these questions a shot; post it or keep it private but have fun with it – Who was your favorite celebrity as a child? Jim Carrey because of Ace Ventura Pet …

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The Beginning

Editors note: This post can also be seen in the ‘About’ page. I believe telling you a bit about this site and myself is the right way to start this journey. Thanks for reading!    This Site: Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian Renaissance man who, in 1906, observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the …

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