How to Unleash Your Inner-Hemingway and Write Better

Writing is difficult. Regardless of how good you are, it is a skill we can always improve. And what can make it even harder is editing your own work. This is why most people appreciate getting a fresh set of different eyes on an assignment or an important email. They provide a new perspective, and can tell you if the point you’re …

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3 Tips to Effectively Speed Read with Spritz

Like most of you, I spend a large portion of my day reading. To speed up the process, I use the speed reading app Spritz. And depending on the complexity of the material, I can now read up to 1000 Words Per Minute (WPM) while retaining most of the information. To put this in perspective, the average college graduate reads at about 300 WPM. So …

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6 Hour Workday Coming Soon?

The purpose of this site is to maximize the quality of your life. So I’m always interested in studies aiming to increase productivity while reducing waste. This week, I came across a few articles on Gothenburg, Sweden and an efficiency experiment they’re launching. They will be decreasing the workday from the customary eight (8) hours to six (6) hours for …

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Quora for Beginners

Looking for quick tips on how to raise money for your new business venture? Curious about the best way you can market yourself to make that career change you’ve been putting off? Or are you simply seeking an informed opinion on home-cooking recipes, or where to shop for value in running shoes? Regardless of what you’re searching for, Quora provides …

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